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There’s been a lot of love online for Watt Whisky since we launched a few weeks ago. Think the first review appeared on Whisky Notes for our Blended Malt, swiftly followed by reviews of the whole range on the Malt Review, the Dramble and Words of Whisky. All have have been very positive which is very encouraging.

We were very excited to see both Serge and Angus reviewing some of our casks on Whisky Fun and we got our first 90 pointer - thanks Bozzy!

We’ve also been catching up with longtime industry friend Gordon Dundas on his Whisky Unscripted Podcast and chatting about being a husband and wife indie bottling team with Mark Gillespie on WhiskyCast, not to mention hosting quite a few online tastings for clubs, friends and customers - it’s been a busy couple of weeks! (Note to selves: make sure future releases don't coincide with school holidays).

Huge thanks to everyone for all your kind words and we very much hope the second release is as well received! Although we've got quite a few more tastings and talks booked in before then...

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