November 2020 Release:

Distilled at Dailuaine Distillery
Aged 12 Years, 57.8% vol
Bourbon Hhd | 312 Bottles | Distilled 2008
Almonds, liquorice, all spice with lime zest, pineapples and soft brown sugar.

Distilled at Inchgower Distillery
Aged 13 Years, 56.0% vol.
Bourbon Hhd | 297 Bottles | Distilled 2007
Honey, sweet pepper, green olives, butterscotch and gingerbread 

Distilled at Girvan Distillery
Aged 29 Years, 56.%% vol.
Bourbon Brl | 186 Bottles | Distilled 1991
Vanilla fudge, orange zest, cloves, golden syrup, peaches and green apples

Distilled at an Orkney Distillery
Aged 14 Years, 60.9% vol.
Ruby Port | 307 Bottles | Distilled 2006
Rested in a ruby port barrique for the final 5 months maturation. Redcurrants, dry peat smoke, orange marmalade, raspberries and flint

Distilled at Allt-a-Bhainne Distillery
Aged 23 Years, 51.3% vol.
Bourbon Hhd | 241 Bottles | Distilled 1997
Grapefruit, melon, pear skins, bubblegum, and fruit syrup.

September 2020 Release:

Distilled at Mannochmore Distillery
Aged 12 Years, 54.8% vol.
Brandy Butt | 663 bottles | Distilled 2008
Two hogsheads, married together & rested in a brandy butt for 3 months. Creamy, nutty, honeycomb & fresh ginger.

Distilled at A Highland Distillery
Aged 10 Years, 58.4% vol.
Hogshead | 280 bottles | Distilled 2010
Nougat, oily, peppermint, allspice & honey. Slight briny notes.

Distilled at Caol Ila Distillery
Aged 11 Years, 57.4% vol.
Hogshead | 303 bottles | Distilled 2009
Classic Caol Ila. Creamy, pebble beaches, ashy with a touch of citrus.

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Aged 19 Years, 44.9% vol.
Sherry Butt | 630 bottles | Distilled 2001
Sherry, raisins, subtle cloves, orange rind. Strawberries & balsamic vinegar.

Distilled at Travellers Distillery
Aged 13 Years, 57.1% vol.
Bourbon barrel | 326 bottles | Distilled 2007
Aged 8 years in Belize then 5 years in Europe. Reduced to 100 Proof (57.1% vol). Toffee, liquorice, syrupy, menthol. 

Where to Buy?

Watt Whisky in the UK

In Campbeltown, Watt Whisky is now available from Hall’s of Campbeltown and the Ardshiel Hotel. Elsewhere in the UK you can find us at The Whisky Shop Dufftown, The Whisky Exchange and behind the bar at the Highlander Inn Craigellachie and the Artisan Restaurant Wishaw.

Watt Whisky Abroad

Watt Whisky is distributed in Belgium by the Nectar, Denmark by Lago, Japan by Whisk-e and Taiwan by Smartworld.