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We have over 40 years experience in the Scotch Whisky industry. Read our full story

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Please get in touch if you want to sell or purchase your own casks.

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Tours & Tastings

We offer tours in multiple languages. We are also creating a Tasting Room in Campbeltown.

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Suggestions for some non-sleazy whisky books

LOTS of controversy this week surrounding a certain whisky publication and its author’s use of language. Rather than write a piece criticising said author or debating whether his use of language is sexist, sleazy or just plain sad (or all of the above) I thought I would instead focus on books which I think do […]

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We’re on the Road Again! (Virtually anyway)

Our first release is just about to be bottled which is very exciting. Unfortunately, cause of the Covid, it may be a while til we get to see any of you in real life but we are very much looking forward to sharing a virtual dram or two with you in the meantime! Here are […]

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I was in a bar in…Craigellachie

The Horrors of Blind Tastings I have to admit I love and hate blind whisky tastings in equal measures.   I love hosting them and trying to trick people like I did at Maltstock a few years ago when two of the whiskies in the line up were exactly the same whisky with very few […]

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