Buy & Sell Casks

As an Independent Bottler of Whisky (and Rum) we are always looking to purchase casks for our future bottlings, so if you have a cask for sale please do get in touch. Even if we are not interested in purchasing it ourselves we can try to help you find someone to buy it from you.

Alternatively if you have always dreamed of owning your own cask of whisky (and let’s face it, if you have gotten to this page of the website you probably have) then we can help make that happen. We have some of our own casks that we can offer as well as working with some other companies to help increase the range of whiskies that we are able to offer to you. So whether you are looking for something to lay down for a number of years or looking for something to bottle in the near future we should be able to offer you something that meets your needs.

For any cask enquiries please email:
[email protected]