Our first release is just about to be bottled which is very exciting. Unfortunately, cause of the Covid, it may be a while til we get to see any of you in real life but we are very much looking forward to sharing a virtual dram or two with you in the meantime! Here are some of the tastings and events we have coming up where you can catch up with us for a chat and find out what we’re up to;

Pre-Release In Store Tasting at Halls of Campbeltown, 10th – 11th Sept

Yes, you read that right – an actual real live tasting! Mark and/or I will be in Halls of Campbeltown this Thursday and Friday from 1 – 3pm to give you the chance to sample a wee sneak preview of the first release and have a chat and a catch up. We are in times of Covid though so only one household in the shop at a time and face coverings on (except when you’re actually sampling) please. Thanks!

Maltstock, 12th Sept

Mark loves Maltstock! Sadly no campfire this year (unless we light one in the garden) but you can catch up with us for some ‘Drinks with…Maltstock’ this Saturday, streaming live on the Maltstock Facebook page and Youtube channel from 8pm Maltstock time (or 7pm Scotland time). We’ll probably be joining in a wee bit later (once the kids are in bed) so we can relax.

The Virtual Whisky Show, 2nd – 4th Oct

The Whisky Show from the Whisky Exchange has gone virtual. We’ve got a virtual booth where you can pop in and have a video (or text) chat with us, some Sessions (kind of like a virtual Masterclass) going on and we’re in one of the Tasting Packs so you can buy some samples and taste along with us. Looks like it’s going to be huge! Tickets are a bargain at £20 (which gives you access to all the online stuff for a whole week plus £10 discount off any of the tasting packs) It’s the What’s New Pussycat Pack in the Indie Series that you want to go for. It’s not on the online shop yet but shouldn’t be far away!

Spirits in the Sky, 8th Nov

The fabulous Belgian Spirits in the Sky Festival this year becomes Spirits in the Box with a series of masterclasses for you to enjoy at home. Mark is hosting a Watt Whisky Masterclass on Sunday the 8th where he’s giving a sneaky peak at our second, yes second release! Unfortunately though if you haven’t already got your tickets for this one then you’re going to miss out as it is already sold out (Mark has been very smug about that since his was the first one to sell out) however there are still tickets left for some of the other masterclasses if you’re quick (and if you live in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France or Germany)

We’re also planning doing something with Eddie at the Whisky Lounge and Peter at Hos Peter Kjaer at some point too. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more info in due course.

If you can’t make any of the tastings, but still want to find out about upcoming releases and what we’re up to you can always sign up for our mailing list. (Don’t worry you won’t get spammed with heaps of emails from us – probably only one every couple of months)

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