Whisky Colours, Dufftown and Old Friends

We are delighted to be attending The Whisky Shop Dufftown’s Whisky Colours Festival this year - make sure and check it out, the Dufftown festivals are always fun so we’re very much looking forward to returning to our old haunt! The Whisky Colours festival is running from the 8th to the 10th of October and our tasting is on the 10th at 2pm.

At Watt Whisky we’ve been very lucky that we’ve chosen to work with people we like and people that we’ve had long term relationships with and the Whisky Shop Dufftown (The WSD) has many connections to both Kate and I!

I first met Mike Lord, the owner of WSD, when I was a barman at the Craigellachie Hotel and he was a customer. We can’t quite remember when the relationship turned from being barman / paying customer to best mates but it happened!

When I was working at Royal Mile Whiskies I held my first ever whisky tasting in the Dufftown shop. It turns out that not only was Mike at this event, even though he didn’t own the shop at the time, but so was Kate! Kate was visiting a friend in Speyside and was fairly new at Springbank so she came to the tasting to learn a thing or two! To be honest we only discovered this years later as she didn’t remember me and I didn’t remember her but we both remembered the whisky we drank at that tasting - mainly the Green Spot!

When Kate moved to Dufftown to work at Glenfarclas, for a while Kate and I and Mike and his wife Val all shared a small house across the road from the famous (although alas no more) Royal Oak - I’m very surprised that we survived living in such close proximity to the pub but at least it was all downhill for the 37 steps it took to get home.

In 2013 Mike was best man at our wedding at Springbank distillery so to be attending The Whisky Colours festival with our own brand really will be something special as we kind of come full circle - and what an aptly named festival, since I smell in colours.

We look forward to seeing you in Dufftown and make sure to check out some of the other events that are on. If you’re ever in the Dufftown area, be sure to visit the Whisky Shop Dufftown as they have a phenomenal selection of whiskies and their knowledge and customer service is second to none.

Check out the other events we’ll be attending at home and abroad here.

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