Watt Whisky & Friends 2023 - Programme of Events

Just spent the evening trying to finalise plans for our events at this year's Campbeltown Malts Festival. See what we've come up with below. Tickets will be on sale soon through our website. We'll give you a heads up before they go live. Hopefully see you all in May!

Tues 23rd May, 7pm - Five Shades of Green

Yes, it’s finally here - the single colour tasting that we’ve been on about for ages. Join us for a tasting of 5 of our green bottlings to see whether we can find any common characteristics between them or if Mark’s brain is just messed up and random as we’ve all suspected all along!

Wed 24th May, 2pm - Not in the Shops…,

Well, not in the UK anyway. A tasting of 5 single cask, single market exclusives. Of which we may have kept a few bottles back before shipping the rest of the cask to our export markets.

Thurs 25th May, 2pm - A Dram Like Blue

Another single colour tasting of whiskies (and possibly a rum or two) which Mark smells as blue. Are there any similarities? Or is he just making this up as he goes along? You decide.

Fri 26th May, 11.30am Watt Whisky Buds Tasting

A wee thank you tasting for our Watt Whisky Bud crowdfunders. We’ll email you with details of how to book.

Sat 27th May

12 - 5pm Watt Whisky & Friends Open Day

Once again we are inviting some of our friends from the industry to join us for our open day so you can expect a relaxed, mini-whisky festival type vibe in our office back yard. You don’t need a ticket - just pay for what you want to taste on the day with our Watt Whisky & Friends tokens (available to buy on the day from our stand). Please note we will not be using plastic tasting cups for sampling so please feel free to bring your own glass. Alternatively you will be able to buy one of our Glencairn glasses on the day (£5) or pre-order a WW&F Starter Pack of a glass and 5 tasting tokens (£8) to pick up on the day.

There will be mini ‘Dram & a Yarn’ sessions with our friends during the day. Final times and line up have still to be finalised so watch this space.

1pm A Tale of Two Cities (And a Wee Toon)

Taste our very first ‘blended by us’ blend and each of the individual elements that went into it. This is a 4 dram tasting, hosted by either Kate or Mark, and should take about 45 minutes.

3pm Campbeltown to Jamaica and Back Again

Our Jamaican Rum Cask finished Campbeltown is ready! And we kept back bottles of the 7yo Campbeltown and the 16yo Clarendon Rum especially so we could host this tasting one day. How’s that for foresight? This is a 3 dram tasting, hosted by either Kate or Mark, and should take about 45 minutes.

6.30pm Watt Whisky & Friends Festival Finale Tasting

Does what it says on the tin - round off the Festival with a few drams presented by us and our industry friends.

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