Watt Whisky & Friends @ Campbeltown Malts Festival 2024

May is going to be here before we know it so without further ado, here are the events we have planned for during the Campbeltown Malts Festival 2024. These are all available to book now on our website.

Tues 21st May, 11am - Liquid History Walking Tour £25 (Around 2 hours)

Kick off your Malts Festival experience with a walking tour round Campbeltown. We’ll take a look at the sites of some old distilleries, some planned ones and show you where all the pubs are (if you don’t know already!). We might even throw in a fact or two about Campbeltown’s past and present. After the walk, we’ll head back to Watt Whisky HQ for a tasting of 3 of our drams.

Wed 22nd May, 1pm - A Rainbow Tasting £35 (Around 1.5 hours)

Since Mark has this thing where he smells in colour we thought it’d be fun to try one of each of the colours of the rainbow. Join us for this 7 dram tasting. At the end we’ll rank them in order of preference and create our very own Watt Whisky rainbow! No Zippy, Bungle or Georges will be harmed during this tasting.

Thurs 23rd May, 1pm - Battle of the Pantones (When 2 Colours go to War) Tasting £30 (Around 1 hour)

It could be Blue vs Orange, Green vs Red or Yellow vs Purple, we haven’t decided yet. But we are going to pit 3 bottles of one colour against 3 of the another and see which emerges victorious. Like Whisky Gladiators. Not really, but should be good fun anyway.

Fri 24th May, 12.45pm - Watt Whisky Buds Tasting FREE (Around 1 hour)

A wee thank you tasting for our Watt Whisky Bud Crowdfunders. Check your email with details of how to book

Sat 25th May

12 - 5pm Watt Whisky & Friends Open Day

Once again we are inviting some of our friends from the industry to join us for our open day so you can expect a relaxed, mini-whisky festival type vibe in our office back yard. You don’t need a ticket - just pay for what you want to taste on the day with our Watt Whisky & Friends tokens, available to buy on the day from our stand. Please note we will not be using plastic tasting cups for sampling so please feel free to bring your own glass. Alternatively you will be able to buy one of our Glencairn glasses on the day (£5) or pre-order a WW&F Starter Pack of a glass and 5 tasting tokens (£8) to pick up on the day.

We have the following mini ‘Dram & a Yarn’ sessions planned during the day;

12.30pm Decadent Drinks - Julie Hamilton

1.15pm Claxton’s - Adrian Hoose

2pm Little Brown Dog - Andrew Smith

2.45pm Brave New Spirits - Paul Dempsey

3.30pm Lost Distillery Company - Scott Watson

4.15pm Isle of Raasay - Gregor Hunter

6pm - Festival Finale Tasting - The Tenuous Links to Campbeltown Challenge £35 (Around 1.5 hours)

The final tasting of the festival where we invite each of our friends who has joined us at Watt Whisky & Friends to present one of their whiskies to you. You may laugh. You may cry. You probably won’t learn anything. You will taste some good whiskies.

Just to shake things up a bit this year we’re challenging everyone, ourselves included, to pour something which has some kind of tenuous link to Campbeltown, the more tenuous and tangential the better as far as we’re concerned!

Hopefully see you there! Book your tickets now.

Watt Whisky & Friends @ Campbeltown Malts Festival 2024 Events Programme

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