Peatsmoke on Gorgie 5yo Blend

Peatsmoke on Gorgie Blended Scotch Whisky

Aged 5 Years, 57.1% vol.

42% 5yo Peated Blended Malt + 58% 12yo North British Grain | 618 Bottles

Dry peat, soft sherry, distant smoke, toffee shortbread, ginger, custard and black cherries.

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4 C6729 AB EC5 B 42 C8 A4 A9 ACFB43 CA4 F84

Distilled at North British Distillery

Aged 10 Years, 57.1% vol.

Sherry Butt | 540 bottles | Distilled 2011 | Bottled 2022

Dark fruits, soft spice, cloves, aniseed and golden syrup.

5yo Blended A Tale of Two Cities (and a Wee Toon)

Blend A Tale of Two Cities (and a Wee Toon)

Aged 5 Years, 57.1%

Refill Butt | 501 bottles

Recipe: 28.5% Campbeltown Malt, 28.5% Glasgow Malt, 43% North British.
Raisins, plums, toffee, melted chocolate, spice, oily with coal dust and sherry.

D7417 F35 3894 4 C00 81 E1 D6 BC77944563

Distilled at an Orkney Distillery

Aged 9 Years, 57.1%

2 Hogsheads | Distilled 2012 | 733 Bottles

A small batch of 2 hogsheads, married together for 2 months before bottling. Creamy, custard tarts, rock salt, citrus and pears.