Glen Spey 13 Square

Distilled at Glen Spey Distillery

Aged 13 Years, 56.%% vol.
Sherry Hogshead | 280 Bottles | Distilled 2008
Rested for final 3 months in a sherry hogshead. Marzipan, raisins, creme caramel, cherries and good balsamic vinegar

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Watt Rum Clarendon Square

Distilled at Clarendon Estate

Aged 16 Years, 57.1% vol
Barrel | 288 Bottles | Distilled 2004
Maturation: 15 years Tropical + 1 year Continental. Fruity and dirty, strawberries, oily rags, satsumas, liquorice and flint.

A Highland 21yo

Distilled at a Highland Distillery

Aged 21 Years, 55.2% vol.

Sherry Hogshead | 308 bottles | Distilled 2000 | Bottled 2022

Dry and dirty, sherry and peat. Dunnage warehouses.

Watt Whisky Paul John Square

Distilled at Paul John Distillery

Aged 4 Years, 57.1% vol
Barrel | 279 Bottles | Distilled 2016
Fully matured in an underground warehouse in Goa. Tropical fruits, spices, cloves & plums.

Glasgow 5yo

Distilled at Glasgow distillery

5 year old, 57.1%

Sherry Butt* | Distilled 2017 | 216 bottles

Dry sherry, raisins, coffee beans, melted chocolate and honey.

*This is a part cask bottling as we used some of it in a still-to-be-released blend we're working on.