How to guide: Make your own boozy advent calendar

If, like us, you have somehow acquired a mountain of miniatures and sample bottles that you don't know what to do with, then why not make your own advent calendar? All you need is some wrapping paper, ribbon and a helpful 5 year old. Fun for all the family!

Step 1: Dig out all your miniatures

Fortunately this was quite easy for us as we had stashed boxes of them in the office earlier this year.

Step 2: Choose 24 of them

To ensure true randominity in the sample selection, we enlisted the help of our 5 year old. As a result, we have a very eclectic selection, ranging from a 1962 Bowmore to a Jose y Cuervo Tequila Bianco.

Step 3: Wrap them up

I used some silver wrapping paper and ribbon that I had in the house but you could use whatever you have to hand. The 5 year old was enlisted again to write the numbers and stick them on in a random order so we don't know what we are getting (and couldn't get the crap out the way first!)

Step 4: Hang on the tree ready to enjoy

We don't have our tree up yet (and not convinced the branches would support the weight of the minis even if we did) so we have used this very nice wooden stave tree by the Wee Toon Carver. Roll on the 1st of December!

If you can't be bothered making your own (or you don't have mountains of miniatures lying around) then you can always join in our virtual countdown on Facebook and Instagram - a new photo and tasting note will be revealed each day. Cheers!

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