The Liquid Antiquarian

I am sure many of you will be aware of the new Youtube sensations that are Dave Broom and Arthur Motley and their excellent new series The Liquid Antiquarian. Arthur and Dave are people I have [...] read more

Watts on the Web

There’s been a lot of love online for Watt Whisky since we launched a few weeks ago. Think the first review appeared on Whisky Notes for our Blended Malt, swiftly followed by reviews of the [...] read more

The Electric Coo is out of The Bag

As many of you will have seen on social media already Campbeltown Whisky Company Ltd (CWC Ltd) have released a second brand of whisky - The Electric Coo Series; a selection of six whiskies all [...] read more

Suggestions for some non-sleazy whisky books

LOTS of controversy this week surrounding a certain whisky publication and its author’s use of language. Rather than write a piece criticising said author or debating whether his use of [...] read more

We're on the Road Again! (Virtually anyway)

Our first release is just about to be bottled which is very exciting. Unfortunately, cause of the Covid, it may be a while til we get to see any of you in real life but we are very much looking [...] read more

I was in a bar in...Craigellachie

The Horrors of Blind Tastings I have to admit I love and hate blind whisky tastings in equal measures. I love hosting them and trying to trick people like I did at Maltstock a few years ago [...] read more

Reconnecting with Drinkers

“This job would be so much easier if it wasn’t for customers” is a line heard in offices and work places all around the world everyday, but as a new business about to launch our first products [...] read more

First Blog

If there was ever a good time to start a new company, doing it whilst Kate was heavily pregnant with our new daughter Jo, throughout a global pandemic and just prior to the joy of Brexit this [...] read more