Bottling what we like, not playing it safe!

We have bottled quite a few casks in the two years since we started Watt Whisky - 47 to be precise (35 Watt Whisky and 12 Electric Coos) One thing we’ve always said is that we want to bottle [...] read more

When Billy Abbot Gets Inside Your Head!

I was obviously delighted to see Kate return from the Whisky Show in London, mainly, I have to admit because I knew she was bringing me a copy of Billy Abbot’s new book The Philosophy of [...] read more

Port Dundas and Pickled Onion Monster Munch

11 years ago today I hosted a tasting for Mike Lord at the Whisky Shop Dufftown’s festival where I matched an old Port Dundas with pickled onion Monster Munch. I imagine that I'm the only [...] read more

Whisky Colours, Dufftown and Old Friends

We are delighted to be attending The Whisky Shop Dufftown’s Whisky Colours Festival this year - make sure and check it out, the Dufftown festivals are always fun so we’re very much looking [...] read more

The Story Behind The Local Edition

On Friday we launched our first ever Local Edition – a bottling that is exclusively available to buy in Campbeltown – hence the Local Edition name. For our first Local Edition we actually [...] read more

We have changed our labels...already!

With the latest release I was delighted to make a small but significant change to our labels. They now rightly state that the whisky or rum was “Selected By Mark and Kate Watt” and not just [...] read more

New Releases! April 2021

We are very excited that bottling of our new release is now completed and will start making its way to all our lovely customers next week. We don't have any product shots yet (bottles haven't [...] read more

Watt Whisky & Friends Virtual Festival

We had hoped to see you all in Campbeltown this year for our first ever Watt Whisky & Friends Festival however, given the ongoing uncertainty with Covid, like many others we have decided to [...] read more